– 德韦恩Johnson

With his million-dollar smile and near impossible physique, it’s hard to believe 德韦恩‘The Rock’约翰逊曾经是一个无家可归的边缘的少年。

From police custody to Hollywood’s A-list, 德韦恩’s zero-to-hero journey didn’t just happen by chance. This is the life story of 德韦恩Johnson, the former wrestler once known as “The People’s Champion”现在渴望成为下一任美国总统。


On May 2nd, 1972, 德韦恩Douglas Johnson was born into a professional 摔角 family in Hayward, California. An only child of Samoan, Canadian and African-American heritage, he lived and traveled across the country with his parents.



职业摔跤手的父亲和祖父, 德韦恩grew up admiring his family tradition. But as the years went by, he saw his father less and less. Rocky was spending more time on the road (and having affairs) than at home with his wife and son.


德韦恩was getting into fights at school and the police were called on multiple occasions. Tensions began to arise between 德韦恩’s parents, and arguments soon became commonplace in the household. Their financial struggles were always an issue, and 德韦恩dreamed of a time where they would never have to be poor again.


和他父亲’公开事务和对他的强奸指控(后撤),Rocky Johnson现在不在了。

14岁的Dwayne和父母离异,住在檀香山的一所小房子里,开始感到 抑郁症的体重. One day, he and his mother returned home to find a padlock on their front door and a taped eviction notice. 德韦恩felt helpless as he watched his mother break down crying. They didn’甚至没有汽车可以住,因为那是在前一周收回的。

幸运的是,他的家人每周借给他们’s rent and so they were temporarily allowed to re-enter their home. 德韦恩lay in bed that night –非常感谢甚至有床睡觉–并考虑过如何避免母亲再次被逐出。

他想到了自己崇拜的男人– like Stallone and 施瓦辛格 – and decided he could be like them. He did the only thing he could do with his own two hands, and began to build up his body. In young 德韦恩Johnson’s mind, if he 看着 像他的偶像一样,他可以 一样成功 作为他的偶像。就像他后来自己说的那样,这是 德韦恩’s defining moment.

Motivated by his hardships and the feeling of helplessness still fresh in his mind, 德韦恩began to train. Hard.

However, while his mother cleaned toilets to finance a new home, 德韦恩spiraled into delinquency. From fighting to forging checks. He soon 加入防盗圈 在威基基(Waikiki),针对富裕的游客,珠宝店和昂贵的服装店。但是,在与帮派一起出售赃物之后,他仍然有时间打铁。 超越极限 成为一个“man of action”,就像他的偶像一样。


图片来源:CBS 体育

到巨石强森(Dwayne Johnson)十六岁时,由于屡次被开除,他已经驶过四所中学。他终于在宾夕法尼亚州的自由高中就读,在那里他异常大的体格没有’不能赢得他任何朋友。高耸于6’4″加上225磅的肌肉,其他学生确信Dwayne是一个秘密的纳克。他现在 承认 那他的“very bad mustache”当时肯定没有’t help his case.

One day, 德韦恩stubbornly decided to use the teacher’的浴室,而不是烟雾smoke绕的学生’一个。当他洗手时,一位老师进来指示他离开。 德韦恩remembers 看着他的肩膀说“Okay, I’ll leave when I’m done”,并继续洗手。老师什么也没说,但是他发火了。

德韦恩可能是典型的态度少年,但那天他感到内,回到家中。第二天早上,他搜寻了自己不礼貌的老师,并为自己的行为道歉。老师惊呆了,没有放开韦恩’的手,他邀请他为球队踢足球。老师原来是 乔迪·克维(Jody Cwik),首席足球教练。

足够快,令Dwayne惊讶的是,他跌倒了 与游戏。事情开始第一次出现在他身上。他的成绩提高了,现在他受到了全国大学的邀请。开始这一切的教练成为了Dwayne的父亲人物,给人留下了深刻的印象,他 召回 到今天。


– 德韦恩Johnson


At 18, 德韦恩won a full scholarship from the University of Miami to play defensive tackle. He now had the 动机和belief that, one day, he could make the NFL.

But injuries kept 德韦恩back –引发更深的回合 萧条。大一那年,他的平均成绩是0.7,他退学了,从伤病中恢复过来时陷入了绝望。

Eventually, his coach called and pushed him to restore his standing at school. 德韦恩Johnson graduated (in Criminology, no less), then moved to Canada to pursue his dream of joining the NFL. In 1995, he was signed 由加拿大足球联赛’s 卡尔加里牛仔队. Things were on track for 德韦恩to reach his dream. 但这不是’t a pretty sight. 

德韦恩was borderline broke, sharing a two-bedroom apartment with three other players. They all survived on ramen noodles and spaghetti. To make matters worse, 德韦恩slept on an unthinkably stained mattress he found ditched outside a sex motel. But if it got him to the NFL, it would all be worth it.

但这不是’t worth it. Two months into the season, 德韦恩was cut from the team. He felt lost, alone, and as if nothing was worth doing anymore. He had never felt this drained before.

梦想破灭了,口袋里只有7美元,他除了在坦帕加入父亲外,别无其他。他们在这里’d both share a tiny apartment, where 德韦恩would hide out and succumb to his 萧条.

我希望有一个可以把我拉到一边说的人,任何人‘it’s gonna be okay’

– 德韦恩Johnson


One day, the phone rang and 德韦恩was surprised to hear the voice of the very coach who had cut him from the team. He was being asked to return. 德韦恩assured the coach he’d think about it, then hung up. 德韦恩’的父亲确定他的儿子会回去,但德韦恩 深吸一口气,并承认他已经完成了足球比赛。那时,他想涉足 摔角.

他的father responded with the 动机 德韦恩expected, “这是您犯过的最严重的错误。你正在毁了你的事业。”  

But 德韦恩knew in his heart that he needed to do this, and gave his father the option of joining him or not. So his father rose to the occasion and trained him —打开他一生中最伟大的章节之一。


In 1996, 德韦恩had his first WWE try-out. It was his first match ever, and he was so broke that he had to borrow his uncle’的短裤。但是摔跤还是在他的血液里。他迅速在1996年的幸存者系列(Survivor Series)下首次亮相“Rocky Maivia” –为了纪念他的父亲和祖父。

令人惊讶的是,人群讨厌他。 他的‘nice guy’ charade wasn’工作,他一直被嘘。的颂歌“Rocky sucks”每场比赛他的耳朵都回荡着,他很快意识到他那虚伪的性格不是’t fooling anyone. 

当他下一个进入环时,Dwayne将自己重塑为坏人。在这个时刻,‘The Rock’出生于。很快,他成为了WWE中最炙手可热的战士。由于他的魅力和令人惊讶的喜剧,他统治了17个锦标赛,甚至进入主流流行文化。不可否认,他决定忠于自己并描绘出更加真实的人物形象。

德韦恩‘The Rock’ Johnson was now at the height of his 摔角 career. He had finally succeeded in buying his parents a real home, and fulfilled his most frivolous childhood dream of owning a Rolex watch. But his dreams were much bigger now. He felt he had done everything he wanted to do in 摔角. So 德韦恩turned around, and walked away.


用 combination of Chuck Norris and Harrison Ford in his mind, 德韦恩Johnson set out to make it big in the film industry. In 2000, ‘The Rock’受邀主持SNL。他对穿裙子和娱乐观众的前景感到兴奋,因此他接受了。好莱坞注意到了。

At 29 years old, and zero acting experience under his belt, 德韦恩kickstarted his acting career in 2001 as the ‘Scorpion King’ in 木乃伊归来。他花了大部分的拍摄时间 在撒哈拉沙漠中生病,但好莱坞看到了他扮演次要角色的潜力,因此决定在他的角色之外拍电影。“Great”, 德韦恩said, then leaned over to puke some more.

德韦恩Johnson quickly set himself apart in the entertainment industry.

他被称为 不懈的努力 演员全心全意投入他所做的一切。他的工作没有’相机停止转动后也不要停止。他致力于从上到下学习演艺事业,甚至帮助将他的电影在社交媒体上推销给数百万的追随者。



成功之后 快速& Furious 6 (2013),他和他的商业伙伴(他的前妻)成立了 七块钱制作。永远提醒着他卑微的开端。

In 2015, 德韦恩Johnson earned the distinction of being the top-grossing actor in Hollywood. Then he became the 世界’2016年收入最高的演员. Now, in 2017, 德韦恩recently received his own well-deserved star on the 好莱坞星光大道.


From being named the sexiest man alive to one of the most influential people in the 世界, 德韦恩Johnson’成功不断攀升。他的激烈竞争天性总是驱使他在生活的各个方面都变得单身。他过去的奋斗始终是他永不停止追求更大更好的事物的动力。

But 德韦恩stays humble and is eager to help others succeed. Every single day he makes sure to share a snippet of his life on social media, looking to inspire and 激励他的数百万追随者. 他的humorous yet inspirational posts always reminding them to “strive for more” and “相信生活带你”.

他的hard-earned millions are now spent on everything from colorful suits and pancakes to real estate and his ROCK基金会 适用于高危儿童。他在哪里应用相同的信念“punk”这些年前他的前教练在他身上生过的孩子。现在,为了进一步扩大他对人们的奉献精神和真正的关怀, 德韦恩‘The Rock’约翰逊计划在2020年竞选总统.

他的secret to success? There isn’一。但是在他无数的商业冒险和史诗般的健身房自拍照之间“The People’s Eyebrow”, 德韦恩maintains these words of wisdom,


- 德韦恩·约翰逊