Angad Singh Padda– Do More

Angad Singh Padda在这场强有力的激励性演讲中分享了偏远印度村庄如何在茫茫荒野中解决世界’慷慨地解决实际问题 ,还有更多工作要做。“They say 那 dreams are not the ones 那 you have when you go to bed. Hell no! Dreams are the ones 那 don’t 让 you go to bed”


Think about 那 one problem 那 matters the most to you. 那 one issue you really need to resolve to make this world a better place, and open your eyes.

那 right there, 那 right there is the core of my speech today. When I first came to the U.S, my only objective was to become successful, live the American Dream. So one day I could use 那 success to go back to my home state and fix the drug problem.


And so why am I talking about this, why? 所有 of us, we all care about prosperity for everyone, to go beyond ourselves, to make this world a better place. We want to unify this world. 那 is who we are.

许多人可能想知道,“that’s fine, but 那’s also nonsense.” “That’如此不切实际,因为统一世界从来没有做过,您在说什么?” 那里 is no place in this world, some will say, where people have been unified like 那. But what if I said 那 there was? What if I said 那 there was a place like 那, where people are one?

那里’我是印度的一个村庄’m not kidding, called Shani Shingnapur, and in 那 village, not a single house has a door, and 那’s because the villagers firmly believe 那 there is no need for borders or barriers or discrimination. They’re all one. And 那 is why, in 那 village, there has never been a theft, or a robbery, or a single incident of violence.

So, class of 2017, I ask all of you. What if all of us can use our education to create a world just like 那 village? They say 那 dreams are not the ones 那 you have when you go to bed. Hell no. Dreams are the ones 那 don’t 让 you go to bed, like the one 那 Martin Luther King had. 那 was a dream! 那 was a dream.

就像我知道在座的每个人一样,我们也有一个梦想。我们的梦想是创建一个我们所有人在一起的世界。一世’m not gonna say, “let’到那里去赚钱最多。” I’m gonna say “let’到那里去,为每个人赢得繁荣。”我不会说“let’到那里去,只赚六位数。” I’m gonna say “let’夺走了六个世界’s biggest problems.” I am not gonna say “let’只需进入福布斯40岁以下40岁以下人群即可。” I am gonna say “let’用40 Pew统一这个世界。”那就是我们的身份。那就是我们。