Do 您 see everyone around 您 moving forward while 您 are stuck in one spot? Are friends taking vacations and buying homes and 您’re eating bean soup and living in a tiny studio rental? We’ve all been there. What’s important to remember is that 您 are not alone.


以学生贷款为例。我们谁也负担不起直接支付的学费,因此,我们大多数人在大学毕业后花大量时间埋在学生贷款债务中。其实不止 目前有4400万美国人有学生贷款和几乎被关押的美国人 1.38万亿美元的学生债务 据纽约联邦储备银行(New York Federal Reserve)称,截至2017年底。

个人理财专家Kevin O’Leary has shared some advice though, regarding student loan debt: Pay them off as soon as 您 can. The longer 您 pay them off, the worse that debt will be.

“Get rid of that student debt right up front while 您’re 您ng and frisky, that’s the time to do it,” the star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” tells CNBC做到这一点。

He says that instead paying a little bit at a time, make paying off 您r student debt 您r first priority after graduation. “You should pay that loan off in 36 months if 您 can do it,” O’Leary says.

Of course, not a lot of us can do it, in fact many of us have no savings and income that just doesn’t leave a lot of excess. But the sooner 您 pay it off, the less 您 ultimately owe.

当然,会有牺牲。根据O’Leary的说法,“you’re cutting back 您r lifestyle significantly. You’re spending up to 40 percent of 您r paycheck just to get rid of it. Why? Because it’s a very nasty thing to have hanging over 您r head for a very long period of time,” he explains.

And he’s right. It’s easy to imagine that it will be easier to pay off all 您r loans a few years later when 您 are earning a higher salary, but O’Leary argues that by that point, 您 will also have higher expenses, less time and more responsibility.

“The minute 您 establish a lifestyle and 您 start going out for dinner, and 您 start dating or 您 get married, all of a sudden, 您 have all kinds of other expenses, not necessarily just paying off 您r loan,” O’Leary says.

“That’s why 您 want to pay 您r loan off as fast as 您 can, before 您r lifestyle starts to really creep in on 您 and make 您 spend more on things like vacations, and dating, and dinners, and when a child comes along, all of those expenses.”


“我知道这听起来很像,但真正聪明的人很快就发现了这一点,他们专注于摆脱债务,” O’Leary says.

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