In a crazy plot twist, Saniniu 莱泽, a Tanzanian miner, became an overnight millionaire. At 52 years old, he never thought this would ever happen to him.




Mr 莱泽 found the stones while mining, and determined that they weighed 9.2kg and 5.8kg respectively. Until the moment of his discovery, the heaviest Tanzanite stone ever discovered weighed a mere 3.3 kg. 莱泽’两个石头重达33磅。



While such a huge amount of money is exciting and opens up a door of possibilities for personal project, 莱泽 had different plans in mind. In fact, the money was not going to change his lifestyle. Instead, he wants to invest in his community.

“我想建一个购物中心和一所学校。我想在我家附近建一所学校” 莱泽 said. “这里有很多穷人可以’负担不起带孩子上学的费用。”


Saniniu 莱泽 in 英国广播公司


莱泽’s selfless decision to give back to his community is inspiring to say the least. It would be easy to take a more selfish route and use the money for our own ends. But 莱泽 knows he is also a part of the community that he wants to uplift and help. We all thrive when we help each other.