A decade ago, comedian Tiffany 哈迪什 was homeless and living out of her car.

但是她的善良和慷慨 Night School 配角 凯文·哈特 changed her life. In 2005, at an L.A.-based comedy show, Hart noticed a bunch of stuff in 哈迪什’的车。他与有抱负的喜剧演员接洽,提供客气的话语以及他所拥有的全部金钱— $300. That moment changed 哈迪什’s life.

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试图在洛杉矶一个臭名昭著的站立比赛中, 女孩之旅 明星在当地一家喜剧俱乐部工作-尽力将其隐藏起来。但是现在被她称为“从未有过的大弟弟”的哈特看到了自己的挣扎。

哈迪什 used the $300 he gave her to sleep in a hotel room for a few days. Hart also advised her to write down her most important goals and put her life together to pursue them. 哈迪什 followed his advice, and Hart followed 哈迪什’s efforts, and they ended up developing a strong friendship.

现在,两位喜剧演员登上喜剧片的头条 夜校,这部电影讲述了一群在成年后追求GED的不当行为。尽管她在 夜校, being a bit of an outcast is a familiar feeling to 哈迪什, whose childhood was cut short by tragedy.

哈迪什’s father left the family when she was only three. Her mother Leola moved, and had four more children with her second husband. But when 哈迪什 was only eight, her fathered tampered with her mother’s car breaks, resulting in an accident that left Leola with severe brain damage – and could have harmed the children as well, had they not unexpectedly chosen to stay home that day.

It’s been suggested that the accident might have triggered Leola’s schizophrenia as well, leaving a nine-year-old 哈迪什 to be the main family caregiver. But 哈迪什’s struggles were far from over then.

Just three years after the car accident, 哈迪什 and her siblings were separated from each other and put into foster care. Reunited with them under their grandmother’s care at 15 years old, 哈迪什 used comedy to cope with new environments.

但是,尽管她有演技的天赋,但她在学校挣扎。她的犯罪行为升级到离强制性精神病治疗仅一步之遥的地步。她最后一次避免这种情况的机会是参加了Laugh Factory喜剧营,这是她最终挽救生命的一种经历。