Ariana 格兰德 has been very open with her fans about many of her struggles, including those with 精神健康 issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

格兰德 is following in the tradition of her childhood hero, comedian Jim Carrey, who has been sharing his own struggles with depression for 15 years now. This past weekend, she shared a photo of Carrey, along with a quote he popularized about mental illness.

“抑郁是你的身体在说,‘I don’t want to be this 字符了。我不’不想举起你的头像’ve created in the world. It’s too much for me,'” the quote read. “You should think of the word ‘depressed’ as ‘deep rest.’ Your body needs to be 郁闷. It 需要你品格上的休息’我一直在尝试玩。”

抑郁症比我们许多人更常见 意识到并且实际上是美国残疾的主要原因 据15岁至44岁的人群 美国焦虑与抑郁协会.

One of the greatest assets in fighting depression is supporting one another and not being afraid to start an open dialogue, which is just what happened between Carrey and 格兰德 this week.

这位歌手说,她多年来一直很期待这位演员。“当我还是四年级的时候,我的第一个AIM用户名是jimcarreyfan42,”她在Instagram上写道。 2014年,她在MTV电影奖颁奖典礼之前与Carrey分享了一段激动人心的视频。格兰德甚至在遇见她称为她的男人时哭了“childhood crush.”

This all makes it that much more meaningful that Carrey saw her posts and responded on 推特 to express his admiration for 格兰德’s openness.

“我读了你对我和我的事的可爱提及’我说过抑郁症” he wrote. “Jeff Foster是一位出色的老师和朋友,曾担任OG‘Deep Rest’概念。我很欣赏你的坦率。祝您自由与和平。我很幸运有这样一位天才的仰慕者。”

格兰德 wrote back on 推特, joking that she couldn’t wait to “在我的额头上纹身这条推文。”

然后,她感谢Carrey的支持,并表示钦佩和 为了他,以他为她一生的灵感为由。